What, Me Worry?

Unwinding Anxiety Judson Brewer, MD, PHD Avery, 2021 Was there ever a more apt time for a book about conquering…

Student dissecting a cadaver
Make it Work

In-person learning got creative under pandemic safety protocols. From masks to hybrid models to super-sized classrooms, see how faculty and…

Hope for Rare Diseases

It is often said that philanthropy is personal. That was certainly the case for Sandra “Sandi” Nusinoff Lehrman ’69 MD’76…

Cry Decoder

Thanks to early support from a few entrepreneurial Brown alumni, Brown Biomedical Innovations to Impact (BBII) was formed to help…

Centers of Attention

One key way to move research forward is to build on existing strengths. The BrownTogether campaign has been a catalyst for huge…

Art Wall at 222 Richmond Street, Providence
In Memoriam

Jose Behar, MD, AGAF, died July 20. After earning his bachelor and medical degrees from the Universidad Nacional Mayor de…

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