Old Drug, New Trick?

As cells age, certain cellular functions start to fail, taking our bodies down with them. Sorting out what those failures…

Jack A. Elias, MD, senior vice present for health affairs and dean of medicine and biological sciences.
Exciting Times

Greetings from Providence! The growth of the research footprint and the ongoing success of the Brown Institute for Translational Science…

“One Wish,” by Charlotte Lee MD’21. Chiang Mai, Thailand, November 2015.
One Wish

I took this photo while I was working at a nonprofit in Chiang Mai, Thailand, after college. It was Yi…

Students practice neurosurgery techniques
It Takes a Steady Hand

At the first-ever Student Neurosurgical Research Conference in February, neurosurgery resident Matthew Anderson RES’23, MD, left, teaches Adriel Barrios-Anderson ’17…

True Colors

The best health care for people who are transgender is much like the best care for all people.

Match Day map
Oh, Pioneers!

The inaugural class of the Primary Care-Population Medicine program brings a system-wide perspective to patient care.

Second Chance

Two Brown professors have perfected a treatment for the most severe kinds of strokes. Now they’re working to change the…

Gut Check

Diet is an important component of patient care across a multitude of conditions, from diabetes to heart failure, and it…

Music as Medicine

After private mini-concerts, hospice patients report less pain and anxiety and request fewer opioids. You’d expect to hear the high,…

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