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A Gentleman and Scholar


Southern Comfort

Robert Smith, MD, Central Mississippi Health Services Inc.
Stan, a family man, one of the great men of modern medicine, a physician, educator, researcher, prolific writer, neuropathologist, and much more, who had
the foresight to bring into fruition an Ivy League medical school that looked beyond the Harvard model and, in a very short period of time, trained and influenced generations of medical educators and physicians who would influence the country and the world.

I am proud that he would come to Mississippi personally, a state with some of the most serious health disparities in the country, and form a relationship with what was then Mississippi Family Health Center–Tougaloo College, and would devote unparalleled personal time and effort to help us overcome some of the most severe health disparities in the country.

Modern medicine, this country, and the world, and especially us here in Mississippi and Tougaloo, will owe him an eternal debt of gratitude.


Pardon Kenney ’72 MMS’75 MD’75 RES’80, P’03
He was a beacon to our class as we together forged through the challenges of creating a medical school in the early 1970s. And in recent years he had become a strong advocate for alumni involvement with the affairs of the School. A great loss indeed—it is comforting to think that he at least got to see the establishment of the innovation fund that bears his name.

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