A magazine for friends of the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University.

A History of Research

2018 The Division of Biology and Medicine launches a translational commercial development program, Brown Biomedical Innovations to Impact. BBII manages an academic accelerator fund to support academic biomedical technologies to become well-defined product opportunities that are attractive to industry partners and investors.
2021 Brown launches the Center for Alzheimer’s Disease Research with $30 million from two anonymous donors. The center will bring together scientists and physicians from the Division of Biology and Medicine and the Carney Institute for Brain Science to accelerate the discovery of treatments and cures.
The Next 50 Years A milestone anniversary is just one stop on a long road, and The Warren Alpert Medical School’s unwritten future stretches before it. In the near term, the Medical School is investing in new areas of science, such as RNA biology, and in stronger ties with the community.

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