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Five Things You Should Know


2. We Recommend the Merlot

A study published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention found that alcohol intake was associated with higher rates of invasive melanoma among white men and women. White wine carried the most significant association, and the increased risk was greater for parts of the body that receive less sun exposure, such as the waist or back. Each drink per day of white wine was associated with a 13 percent increased risk of melanoma. Other forms of alcohol—beer, red wine, and liquor—had no significant association with melanoma risk. The reason for the association is unknown. Study author Eunyoung Cho, ScD, associate professor of dermatology and of epidemiology, theorizes that while red and white wine may have similar amounts of pre-existing acetaldehyde, the antioxidants in red wine may offset the risks.

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