Author David Orenstein

David Orenstein is News Officer for medicine, life sciences, and public health at Brown University.

Faculty Some leukemia patients need blood transfusions, which can prevent them from making timely, meaningful use of hospice care at end of life, researchers have found.

Blood or Hospice?

Researchers find some leukemia patients must choose between transfusions or end-of-life care.

Faculty The funding will allow pediatric psychologists Beth McQuaid and Daphne Koinis-Mitchell to develop a community-based program to address disparities in asthma outcomes in children.

Breathe Easier

An $8 million NIH grant will expand community asthma care program led by two Medical…

Faculty Mindfulness and meditation have sparked intense interest in the media and the scientific literature, but little is known about the effectiveness of health interventions they're based on. Photo by Mike Cohea

More Rigor, Less Hype

Experts call for better research, clinical practice, and neuroscience studies of mindfulness and meditation.

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