Author Kevin Stacey

Kevin Stacey is the Physical Sciences News Officer at Brown University.

Faculty The coated catheters on the right show no signs of bacteria build-up in bioluminescence imaging, whereas uncoated catheters or catheters coated with a more traditional antibiotic show signs of bacterial colonization.

Protective Layer

To combat deadly bloodstream infections, researchers develop a germ-fighting catheter coating.

News Researchers have revealed the structure of proteins that enable sperm cells to fuse with eggs to form a new individual. Image courtesy of Fedry et al.

Two Become One

Molecular details of sperm-egg fusion shed light on a fundamental mystery.

News New software developed at Brown found a mutation that is closely linked to a protein-altering mutation that is virtually absent in populations around the world, but has a frequency of 27 percent in African hunter-gatherer genome data. Courtesy Ramachandran lab

Adaptive Variation

A new machine learning technique helps detect beneficial mutations in population genetic datasets.