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COVID-19 Jumpstarts Medical Careers


Amid the pandemic, more than 30 Alpert Medical students graduate early to begin hospital work.

More than 30 fourth-year students at The Warren Alpert Medical School will soon find themselves in the extraordinary position of joining the front lines against COVID-19 before they even receive their paper diplomas.

As the nation’s hospitals swell with patients and the demand for physicians soars, Brown University gave medical students who have completed all degree requirements the option to graduate six weeks early and begin working in hospitals immediately, including in Rhode Island.

It’s an unprecedented and historic move for the 45-year-old medical school—one that mirrors the exceptional circumstances brought about by the current global health emergency.

“Since the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in Rhode Island, our medical students have been contributing to the response in numerous ways that have had a significant impact,” says Jack A. Elias, MD, senior vice president for health affairs and dean of medicine and biological sciences. “It doesn’t surprise me that some who have completed their requirements are opting to graduate early to work in more hands-on roles here and in the places where they will complete their residencies. We could not be prouder of the many ways that our students have stepped up during these difficult times.”

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