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He’s a Survivor


Alum Mike Zahalsky heads into the finale (mostly) unscathed.

Despite the nail-biting suspense of this week’s tribal council on Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, there’s still a doctor in the house—er, on the island—as Mike Zahalsky ’95 MMS’98 MD’99 managed to hang on.

After last week’s prime target, Ben, used an immunity idol to escape elimination, the mood at camp was edgy. Ben spent the whole episode searching for another idol as the rest of the tribe openly discussed trying to vote him out. Again.

The reward challenge saw random partners navigating an obstacle course while tethered to a rope, and while Zahalsky and Ryan put in a good showing, winners Chrissy and Devon were whisked away to a plush resort with their chosen guest, Ryan. Perplexingly, Devon accepted Chrissy and Ryan’s pitch to leave his old alliance behind and join up with his former betrayer, Ryan. Survivor comes at you fast.

Dr. Mike boosters may recall his hope of winning an immunity challenge before his time comes to a close, but this week didn’t go his way. After navigating an obstacle course, tossing balls to operate ladders, and completing a gear puzzle, Chrissy was victorious—and rapidly refocused her aim from Ben to Ashley.

Going into tribal council, it was unclear who agreed with Chrissy’s shift or whether Ben had found an immunity idol. After tribe members aired their grievances against Ben, he revealed—and played—a newly found idol, meaning he could not be voted off. With some dramatic explosion sound effects and giddy giggles, Ben literally pointed fingers at Zahalsky. Ashley and Devon seemed to be nodding along to Ben’s plan, while Chrissy and Ryan remained inscrutable.

Luckily for Dr. Mike, all but one vote was for Ashley.

Tune in next week when the season wraps with a two-hour finale, Wednesday, Dec. 20, at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.


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