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The Future Is Now: Match Day Stories

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Ryan Heney MD'15, Jessica Heney MD'13 RES'16, and their daughter Phoebe

Ryan Heney MD’15

What’s your specialty?
Ryan: I’m going into family medicine.

Do you know where you want to go with that?
Ryan: Definitely long-term care. I’m hoping to match into the family medicine residency here [at Brown]. Here we get pretty broad spectrum training, so I’m not really sure what I want my practice to look like in the future yet. But a big thing especially with the Brown program, is that they prepare you for whatever career you’re going to end up building it into. That’s where my wife’s a resident and we have – this is our daughter – and we have a house in Cumberland. We’ve been in Rhode Island for like six years now and we’re really hoping to stay. So part of this – we’re in a slightly different situation, but it’s really the same for everybody – this is a big day for the students but it’s a huge inflection point for families. So it’s awesome where we have this event and everybody can get together and you see everybody’s parents who you met four years ago before we even kind of knew each other.

Did you meet [your wife]while you were at school?
Ryan: No we met at – we went to undergrad together at Boston College. So she started med school here, and I took a little bit longer to come to medicine as my path of choice but was able to get in here [Brown] for med school, which was another big inflection point for our family. So things have worked out so far – hopefully it will continue to do so.

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