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Never Underestimate Dr. Mike


Showing a little grit, Mike Zahalsky finds the coveted immunity idol.

Mike Zahalsky ’95 MMS’98 MD’99, the “sex doctor” of CBS’s Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers finished episode 5 with a huge advantage and an undoubtedly proud family back home in Florida: he found one of the three prized immunity idols.

Zahalsky dug up the treasure while on a run to the Yawa tribe’s well with teammate Jessica. After looselipped teammate Cole revealed that the idol found in episode 2 was buried by the well in a previous camp, Jessica and Zahalsky opted to dig around their new water source. With idol in hand, it appears Zahalsky has a new ally.

Yawa, composed predominantly of “Healers,” continued their success in both the reward and immunity challenges. The former saw Zahalsky and teammates inch-worming on the beach to nudge a ball through a series of sandy hills, relay style. Although Zahalsky struggled with his leg of the race, supportive teammates came together to finish second, earning them a jug of iced coffee.

After a less than stellar showing in the immunity challenge, the Soko tribe headed to tribal council. A rivalry between “Healer” Roark and “Hero” Chrissy ended with Roark’s departure from the show.

Looks like there will be an unexpected medical emergency in Zahalsky’s tribe on next Wednesday’s episode, at 8 p.m. EST on CBS. Luckily, there’s a doctor in the house.



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