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Thirty-five Alpert medical students and Brown University PLME undergraduates as well as 16 physicians affiliated with Alpert Medical School attended the annual networking dinner of the Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association (APAMSA). The student group, which is the local chapter of a national organization, serves the local Asian/Pacific Islander American communities by conducting free health screenings at various community centers for diabetes, vision impairment, and hypertension, as well as hepatitis B and C, which disproportionately affect people of Asian descent. They also help patients find primary care physicians.

With their advisers, Julianne Ip and James Sung, APAMSA organizes networking events with local physicians from various specialties, backgrounds, and research fields to help students explore their career and specialty options. Attendees of this year’s dinner, in April, included faculty members Sun Ho Ahn, Joyce Chang, Kenneth Chen, Qian Chen, Pradeep Chopra, Deus Cielo, Kathleen Hwang, Nadia Mujahid, So Yeon Paek, Jie Tang, Siva Vithiananthan, and Don Yoo; and residents Tiffany Yeh and Tony Zhang.



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