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There’s a Doctor in the House


Alum Mike Zahalsky brings his medical skills into play in a dramatic ‘Survivor.’

When a member of the Yawa tribe takes a sudden fall, two “Healers” jumped into action on episode 6 of CBS’s Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers.

Mike Zahalsky ’95 MMS’98 MD’99, with the help of Jessica, a nurse practitioner, shifted into professional mode, caring for a passed-out Cole and keeping the rest of the tribe calm and focused.

Between getting Cole back in the game and sharing the frutti di mare of his spearfishing labors, the Yawa tribe recognized it pays to have “Dr. Mike” on your side. This put him in stark contrast with Cole, who insisted on eating more fish than his share.

Zahalsky’s old rival, Joe, found a third immunity idol, which was perplexingly hidden in a similar fashion as the previous two—next to the well at another camp. The idol’s treasure map clue from episode 2 has proved to be a major advantage.

Yawa, with a majority of the original, challenge-dominating “Healers,” continued their winning streak, bringing home tasty pizza in the reward challenge and coming in first in the immunity challenge. Luckily for Cole, this meant safety from elimination. At least for one more week.

The losing Soko tribe trudged to tribal council for the second time in as many weeks. After casting the lone vote against a power player last week, Ali was double-crossed again (quadruple-crossed?) and voted off the island.

With the number of contestants now whittled down to 12, next week’s merging of tribes promises an every-player-for-themselves dynamic for the rest of the season. See how it unfolds next Wednesday at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.


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