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World View


Globetrotting physician’s photos are now on display at Alpert Medical School.

Leonard Mermel, DO, MS, a professor of medicine at Alpert Medical School and the medical director of the Department of Epidemiology and Infection Control at Rhode Island Hospital, never travels without his camera.

"Frozen Creek," by Leonard Mermel.

“Frozen Creek,” by Leonard Mermel.

Whether he’s flying over Bora Bora or out for a walk near his home in Rhode Island, he brings his eye for detail: a sunken boat, the stone wall of a mountain hut, a closeup with a pelican. Eighteen of his photos are now on view in the first-floor atrium of Alpert Medical School in the exhibition “World View.”

Mermel travels frequently for work as well as fun, lecturing and teaching about infectious disease around the country and the world. A member of the faculty of Alpert Medical School and of the staff of Rhode Island Hospital for 25 years, he studies hospital-acquired infections and has co-authored guidelines on intravascular catheter infections and more than 100 articles on infectious diseases.


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