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A Sinking Feeling


“Walking down a quiet path near a harbor in Provincetown on a brisk fall day in 2008, I glanced over the water’s edge and noted a small sunken boat in about 10 feet of water,” writes Leonard Mermel, DO, professor of medicine and the medical director of the Department of Epidemiology and Infection Control at Rhode Island Hospital. “The sun was at a perfect angle, giving the image a dreamy appearance, and I snapped away with my old Canon EOS. What caused the boat to settle on the seafloor at that spot was unclear—was it a recent storm? A breach in the hull? I do not know.”

Mermel is involved with local, national, and international infection control and infectious disease initiatives aimed at reducing the risk of health care-associated infections. He enjoys traveling to far-off reaches of the world and capturing the essence of such places through photography. The Warren Alpert Medical School hosted an exhibition of his work in 2016.


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