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MD Class of 1975

Members of the MD Class of 1975

Fis for Fifty-Eight
That’s how many students were in the first MD class, which graduated on June 2, 1975. 55 members of MD’75 are pictures above.

Gis for Galetti
The Swiss scientist was the first chair of the Division of Biology and Medicine, which was formed in 1968. Fun fact: the G in all BioMed mailboxes stands for Galletti.

His for Hamolsky (Milton)
He was recruited in 1963 to be the first full time director of an internal medicine service at Rhode Island Hospital. The appointment of such a director is typically the first critical undertaking in the transition of a community hospital to an academic medical center.

Iis for Ip (Julianne)
An alum of the seven-year Program in Medicine, she served as associate dean for the Program in Liberal Medical Education and retired in 2021.

Jis for Jewelry District
A once-vibrant manufacturing hub, the neighborhood fell on hard times with the decline of Rhode Island’s jewelry industry. The decision to locate the Medical School in the former Brier Manufacturing building—home to the Little Nemo costume jewelry line—touched off a decade of revitalization. Now more than 1,500 Brown faculty, students, and staff work, teach, learn, and conduct research there.

Kis for Keen (W.W.)
Namesake of the highest award bestowed by the Brown Medical Alumni Association, Keen was a graduate of the Brown Class of 1859 and is regarded as the first brain surgeon in the US. He was part of the team that secretly removed a cancerous tumor from the jaw of President Grover Cleveland.

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