A magazine for friends of the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University.
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Take a walk through the history of the Medical School at Brown, from Aronson to zebrafish.

Ais for Aronson (Stanley Maynard)
The first dean of the Program in Medicine—so named because University faculty were not entirely comfortable with a professional school at Brown—Aronson intended for Brown’s medical school to be different from others; unlike the mid-century model that espoused detachment and aloofness, Brown’s would emphasize modesty and compassion. His legacy is still felt today.

Bis for Ball and Socket
The annual medical student formal was part prom, part comedy roast.

Cis for Charter 12
In 1973, a dozen students in the Master of Medical Science program who agreed to participate in the newly created and still-evolving clinical clerkship training program began clinical training in the Rhode Island community. They were: Aram A. Arabian Jr., Stuart L. Boe, Edward W. Collins, Brent L. Davis, Dean F. Effler, John A. Horneff, Thomas L. Logan, James M. Lynch, Robert J. Meyer, Michael L. Shafer, Daniel Small, and Paul T. von Oeyen.

D is for Dartmouth-Brown Program
Inaugurated in 1981, it allowed medical students to spend their first two years of study at Dartmouth Medical School and their clinical years at Brown. The program accepted 15 to 20 students annually, exposing them to training in both rural and urban environments, and ran until 2006.

E is for Emergency Medicine
Founded in 1992, it was the first in the Ivy League and in New England.

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