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Anatomy of a Financial Aid Expert


Bank on it.

As the reality of residency and their new careers settles on the graduates of the MD Class of 2016, so too, for many of them, does financial reality. Fortunately they’ve had Linda Gillette, the director of financial aid for Alpert Medical School, to prepare them for this moment. “Students pay a lot of money to go here. It’s a very intense program, and the last thing they need to be stressing about is finances,” she says. “By their fourth year they have the tools to go forward.”

About 70 percent of Alpert medical students receive some form of financial aid, including federal loans and need-based scholarships, and Gillette and her staff meet with all of them; they also counsel residents and recent alumni. “We are mentors to our students,” she says. “We get to know them in ways other folks in the building might not. There are pretty intimate things they have to tell us because it’s financial.”

Over four years, they get to know her, too. “It takes people a long time to know I have a sense of humor. I worry I won’t be taken seriously,” she says. “But it’s my nature to laugh. If you don’t have a sense of humor in this business, it can be pretty dry.”


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