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Doctors’ Notes


Members of the Warren Alpert Medical School community have been busy writing about their experiences. Follow the links below to read their work.

“Parking Lot Epiphany: My First Patient as a Physician”
Dominic Decker, MD, MS RES’19
Internal Medicine

“A Physician’s Mission: Using Radio to Increase Health Literacy”
“A Condition of the Heart”
Anna Delamerced ’16 MD’20

“I told my emergency medicine team to ‘move on’ after a horrific patient death. That was a mistake”
“I’m an ambassador to nightmares. My medical training didn’t prepare me for that”
Jay Baruch, MD
Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine

“MICU Poem”
Cameron Gettel, MD RES’19
Emergency Medicine

“Mise en Place”
Carlos A. Rodriguez-Russo MD’19
JAMA Oncology

“America Should Adapt New Zealand’s Method of Handling Medical Malpractice Cases”
Vishal Khetpal MD’20


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