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Fresh Faces


Meet the newest members of the med school community.

The 125 members of the MD Class of 2018 were selected from the largest and most talented applicant pool in Alpert Medical School’s history. The class’s 61 women and 64 men demonstrate breadth of intellectual interests in the scope of undergraduate concentrations and postgraduate pursuits. They have earned degrees in more than 30 different majors, from anthropology to cognitive neuroscience and biomedical engineering to theater arts, at 49 different US or Canadian colleges and universities. Two students hail from Canada, the rest from 27 different states and the District of Columbia. Ten students have advanced degrees, with graduate work in education, biomedical engineering, computer science, sociology, narrative medicine, and biological/life sciences.

MD’18 sets a new standard for numbers of performers and musicians in one class: pianists, violinists, cellists, guitarists, saxophonists, and percussionists join classmates who have theater arts training. Along with several a cappella and classically trained singers, improvisational comedians, satiric humorists, and a sprinkling of radio DJs and documentary producers, the class contains a White House speechwriter and a Department of Health and Human Services special consultant. Several Howard Hughes Medical Institute and National Institutes of Health-trained researchers join EMTs, entrepreneurs, and medical device creators in a unique blend of experiences and perspectives.

Below are more clues as to what the Class of 2018 is made of.

Total Applicants: (All four routes): 8,240

Total Matriculants: 125

Female (49%): 61
Male (51%): 64
AMCAS (Standard route of admission):  72
Program in Liberal Medical Education: 44
Postbaccalaureate: 6
Early Identification Program: 3

Age Range: 20-35

Advanced Degrees (MPH, MA, MS, PhD): 10

Undergraduate Institutions: 49

Public: 14
Private:  35

Undergraduate Majors

Humanities: 36%
Physical and Life Sciences:  53%
Mathematics, Computer Science, Biomedical Engineering: 6%
Independent Majors: 5%


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