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Beads on a string.

When Nicole Heinl MD’18 was commuting from Barrington to her hospital rotations in Providence, she occasionally would stop at the Osamequin Nature Trails and Bird Sanctuary along the Wampanoag Trail (Route 114) to eat breakfast and watch the sun rise.

“The conditions were beautiful that morning,” Heinl says of one stopover in September 2016. “The rising sun was burning off a dense mist and I was actually leaving when I noticed the dew on a spider web. It was a special moment—there was enough sun to make everything glow orange, but not so much that the dew had burned off entirely.”

Heinl graduated from Stanford in 2013, and has done some professional photography, but mostly takes pictures as a hobby. This photo is part of the Third Annual Warren Alpert Medical School Art Council Exhibition at the Medical School building.


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