A magazine for friends of the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University.

Letter to the Editor


I was delighted to read “True Colors” in the last issue. I am extremely proud of the fact that Brown has made LGBTQ+ health a required portion of the curriculum. I would like to point out, however, that there was a great deal of work that came before. When I matriculated in 2007 there was Queer Med, pioneered by Melissa Donovan MD’07 and John Kelleher ’93 MD’07. This became GLAAM under the leadership of Andrea Lach Dean MD’11 and Jason Lambrese ’06 MD’10, who were instrumental in getting LGBTQ+ health care into the Doctoring curriculum and even designed an elective course, which Virginia Sanders MD’11 and I continued the following year. Portions of these courses were also included in the Doctoring curriculum those years as well. Though we yet have much work to do, I am proud to be an alum of Brown and of our forward-thinking legacy.


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