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Slant of Light


A physician captures nature’s beauty.
Brian Kimble, MD, a clinical associate professor of medicine and pulmonary/critical care physician at the Providence VA Medical Center, captured this scene at Swan Point Cemetery in Providence. The surreal colors of this photo taken in infrared lend an otherworldly beauty to the peaceful atmosphere of this quiet and reflective location.

Kimble took up photography during his intern year in 1995. “I didn’t become serious about it as a hobby until I bought a Nikon D70 around 2005, though I had been using a digital point-and-shoot for several years before this,” he says. The transition to digital helped him to learn about photography, as there was instant feedback. “Digital made it much easier to learn from my mistakes.”

Kimble’s interests in photography and photographic subjects are quite varied. “Sometimes something just catches my eye—lines and patterns being the usual culprits,” he says. “More recently with the birth of my son, I have shifted to people as subjects—with a preference for candid shots that capture a fleeting expression.”

Four of Kimble’s photos have been published in the New England Journal of Medicine on their “Photo Fillers” pages, and several others have been accepted but not yet published.


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